The predecessor of the today‘s church was mentioned in 1217 for the first time. We had lots of reconstructions and redecorations. The last redecoration lasted from 1996 to 1999 and so the Bergkirche received its original appearance. The Bergkirche is the center of faith in our parish ‘Auf dem Berg’ where seven built-up areas belong to.

All-around cultural events, no matter if they are vocal or instrumental, classic or modern, they all have a constant spot in the schedule of people living here in Gründau or the areas around.

Also the bikers of the christian bikers-network meet at the Bergkirche for church service, called ‘Anlassen’ (to start the engines) of their motorcycles for the new season.

The stones of the Bergkirche can tell you so much. Let’s do this guidance and go on a journey through the centuries of the local history.